Friday, November 15, 2013

Trying out a new site..

This is for those of you who like shoving big motors into little cars.

The MotorSwap Blog -

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autoforumspy Switching to Digest Mode!

Thats right.  Instead of busting my ass writing this stuff up.. I’m just going to link to it.  I’ll find it.  You read it.  Deal?

On the AutoForumSpy Digest this week..

OMGWTFBBQ Its an S2000 slaughter.  BMW dumps oil on the track, chaos ensues as half a dozen S2000s eat dirt.

Nissan GTR meet at SP Engineering.  The total number of R35s in one place just blow my mind.

Murdered out 350z.  Normally i’m a big fan of flat black, but this thing just looks a bit too busy.

Classified Gold:  CLEEEAN RX7 FD with LS1 swap.  Nice reliable ~480rwhp without the fuss of the apex seal eating 13B rotary.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feature That Every Minivan Should Have

Sorry, been super busy for the holidays. Will resume normal posting schedule in the new year.

For now, look at the image above and nod your head in agreement. You know who you are.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nissan Nismo GTR - $56k Ripoff Package

In 2008, Nissan had taken the perennial fanboy favorite and made it available stateside at what many would consider a veritable bargain sans dealer gouging. In 2009, they are introducing the GTR Nismo package, priced at $56k over the cost of a base GTR. Some of you are probably drawing similarities between this and the Nismo 350z that came out last year. The Nismo 350z offered a much stiffer chassis, a modest HP bump, uprated suspension and aero at a $10-$15k premium which we would deem fairly commensurate.

For $56k you would expect a whole lot more. Bear in mind folks, this is NOT the fabled V-Spec. This is a base GTR that Nissan charges $56,000 (or just a tad less then a brand new Z06) for some electronically adjustable Bilstein coilovers, 20" Rays wheels that save approx 3lbs per corner, a titanium exhaust that sheds 11lbs yet MAKES NO EXTRA POWER, a carbon diffuser, and a pair of carbon reclinable Recaro seats.

Yes, $56,000 (or twice my annual salary) for shocks, seats, wheels, and exhaust. Holy option rip-off! Does Nissan think they're Porsche now?

After seeing the GTR get it's ass handed to it in Motortrend's all out drag race against a ZR1, 599, and GT2, we think Nissan would be a lot smarter to deliver the 600hp GTR LM motor instead of a bunch of boutique bolt-ons.

Kids, the take home message is clear: save up your clams and buy a Z06.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Nissan R35 GTR Lemon?

Edmund's GTR, while posting 0-60 times deep into the 3 second range and getting up to 27mpg, has spent a whopping 12 days in the shop since it was purchased a couple of months ago.

We don't exactly know the details, but if you want to see what a GTR looks like with the rear end and transmission completely, removed, click on the pic above.

Corvette ZR1 Hits Showroom Floors user evo989 posts details of the first ZR1 to hit the Chevy showroom he works at. A pristine example shot in black with blue accents, supercharged LS9 motor, and carbon ceramic brakes. Oh yeah, and there's the $117,000 price tag.

Little Body Shop of Horrors

Nissanclub member CrimsonRocket recounts a tale of woe as one of his friends brings an otherwise pristine 350z into the clutches of a certain nefarious body shop deep in the heart of Southern California.

Said shop was commissioned to perform a clean (operative word) install of a urethane lip and sideskirt kit. What the customer received (after being jerked around for weeks) was appalling. Overspray everywhere, pieces seemingly attached to the chassis at random using wood screws. Body panels entirely out of alignment. Orange peel everywhere. The list goes on and on.

Click on the image above to see details of the carnage.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Axis Wheels for GTR

Some snaps up on the GTR Forums of a new mesh wheel from Axis. If you like mesh and optional colored pinstripe in the soon-to-be-passe time-attack wheel trend, then this is your wheel. No word on how light or strong these are (although we imagine it'd be pretty hard to match the OEM units).

It's a 350z.. It's an S14.. Its a Supra? S14/350z Hybrid

We just about had our daily WTF moment when this came our way. In an ebay auction, some poor soul is selling what used to be a perfectly good S14, with a hacked on Z33 350z front end, powered by one of the worst Toyota motors of all time - a 7M series turbo straight six from the third generation Supra.

Wow, our eyes hurt. More pictures below.

R35 GTR Next to NSX

i-Club member soundwave posts a series of pictures comparing the girth of the new R35 GTR to the timeless, classic lines of the NSX. It's hard to believe that the acura's design is nearly twenty years old.

The R35 lives up to it's godzilla moniker, as it literally sits heads and shoulders above the NSX. The difference in doorlines would make exchanging a bottle of Grey Poupon on the road a difficult proposition!